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Luxury Homes

When it comes to luxury real estate, you’re not just buying a home – you’re buying a lifestyle. Count yourself as one of the privileged few who own the most distinctive properties in North Carolina.

The Tar Heel State brings you an array of high-end properties with every feature imaginable. Live in comfort and be part of an exclusive community. With lush National Forests, gleaming lakes, and fantastic mountain views, NC is a top destination for those who want to live the good life.

Luxury Homes in North Carolina

Luxury homes in NC can have as many as 7 bedrooms and the same number of bathrooms, offering plenty of space for a growing family. These homes often come with outstanding features like temperature-controlled wine cellars, enormous swimming pools, and spacious sun decks, just to name a few.

You’ll also find everything from gated communities that offer peace and privacy, to amenity-rich developments that bring you the best of golf, tennis, and racquet.

Cashiers is home to some of Western North Carolina’s most exclusive communities, including:

  • Arrowhead
  • Big Sheepcliff
  • Cedar Creek

The high-end properties that can be found in these communities are nestled among lush greenery and sparkling lakes.

High Hampton Inn and Country Club is located within Cashiers, along with several other golf and country clubs, namely Mountaintop Golf and Lake Club, Wade Hampton Golf Club, and Trillium Links. Play golf in your own time, join glamorous socials and meet new people.

Why Buy a Luxury Home?

When buying a luxury home, you’re not just buying the most expensive house on the block. You’re buying the finest property in an exclusive area – one that has architectural integrity, gorgeous landscaping, high-end finishes, and professional-grade appliances.

You’re buying space as well – with numerous bedrooms and bathrooms, and thousands of square footage, a luxury home will provide ample space for you,
your family, and your guests.

These homes provide the ultimate comfort and are often equipped with amenities that make life more convenient. These amenities could include anything from wine cellars and resort-style pools to showroom garages and private theaters.

They also feature smart home technology that allows you to control your home’s functions anywhere, anytime. Turn the lights on and off, and manage the temperature of your home with your smartphone.

Living in a luxury development also means that your family and your belongings will be safer and more secure. These homes typically come with topnotch security in the form of surveillance cameras, sophisticated alarms, HD video doorbells, smart locks, and other installations.

No two luxury homes are the same, and buying one means that you’re acquiring a property with unique features, whether it’s marvelous architecture and standout features that set them apart from other properties in the market. Because of their one-of-a-kind architecture, luxury homes are often considered landmarks in their respective neighborhoods.

Luxury real estate is also a smart and stable investment, especially if you sell it at the right time, to the right buyer. Ideally, you should be able to hold on to the property for the long haul and ride out any volatility in the market.

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